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Our policies are pretty simple and straight forward. I try to treat people how I would want to be treated when adding a new family member to my family. I don’t ever want to make anyone feel like they are bothering me because they have questions or want more information, I am here to help you get the best fit for your family, so please never feel like you are bothering me. However, as the breeder/owner of these puppies, I reserve the right to refuse anyone a puppy that I am not comfortable with and I have and will exercise this right. These puppies and dogs are my babies and I want to make sure they are going to good homes.


We do encourage everyone to read through this page but we also have a video reviewing our adoption process:


Adoption Process at Berner Babies - YouTube


To Reserve a Puppy:

In order to reserve a puppy, we require a $300 non-refundable deposit. Your $300 deposit does go toward the final balance of your puppy. There are two types of deposits depending on if we have a puppy that is currently available or if you are being put on a waiting list.


A deposit to reserve a particular puppy that is currently available after the age of two weeks old. If we happen to have a puppy not spoken for prior to birth and a puppy is available for adoption and you know you want a particular puppy, you can put your $300 non-refundable deposit towards that puppy and it will reserve that particular puppy for you. This will require that I send you a PayPal deposit invoice and I will require some general information from you in order to do so. 


Most of our puppies are adopted before they are even born. A $300 deposit puts you on our waiting list for a puppy not yet born or under 2 weeks old. Deposits can be put down one year in advance and are also non-refundable. How our waiting list works is you get on the list for the first or available puppy and I will give you my best estimate of when your puppy will be born. If you are sending in your deposit far in advance, you can also request a certain timeframe (winter, spring, summer, fall) You must keep in mind that we are dealing with mother nature and nothing is an exact science. Sometimes pregnancies do not happen, a dog will come into heat late, a small litter, etc and those things can change the timeline. So timelines are fluid and can change but I do try to be as accurate as possible. Pre-deposits can be mailed to me or I can send you a PayPal invoice. 


What Your Puppy Will Come With:

All of our puppies come with their dew claws removed, dewormed every 2 weeks, their first set of shots, a final vet exam. When they leave, I also send you home with a lot of information regarding how to care for your new puppy, a sample of our puppy food, sample of puppy vitamins, a plush toy that smells like home, a training leash and a tote bag to take it all home in. 


Health Guarantee:

Your puppy also comes with a LIFETIME money-back guarantee against common genetic diseases and a 3 year money-back guarantee against hip dysplasia. However, you must keep in mind, that your puppy is a living breathing soul and our guarantee does not mean that your puppy will never get sick his or her entire life, it just means we are confident in our own dogs and are passing that confidence to our puppies. In order to seal the contract, you must take your puppy to your own vet within 3 days of picking up your puppy and that paperwork must be mailed back to us for verification. 


Options That Come With Your Puppy:

We also offer training options to every puppy we raise! This is very exciting and can really help make the transition of your puppy an easy one. The training options are an additional fee that will be explained to you once you adopt from us!


Kennel Training Only:

With this option, we introduce your puppy to the kennel starting around 5 or 6 weeks old. We start in small amounts of time to get the puppy used to the kennel and help them to realize that they are safe and they will be let out. We guarantee that every puppy will be overnight in the kennel no less than one week prior to pick up. With this option they are still picked up at 8 weeks old. There are several benefits to kennel training with us. The first being, we hear the majority of the crying instead of you but the real benefit is to your puppy. Kennel training is scary. So that first night for your puppy is in their new home, they are in a new place (which is scary), with people they don’t know (which is scary) and they are being put in a kennel (which is scary). Instead, they will be kennel trained in an environment that they are already familiar with, with people they already know and trust. So, when they go to their new home, they feel safe in the kennel. This is really a great option.


Taking Home Your Puppy’s Personal Belongings Home:

You can also take home your puppy’s kennel,  bed or blankets to help with your puppy’s transition that much easier! 


Obedience Training and Kennel Training Together:

With this option, we will do the kennel training as mentioned above but we will also work with your puppy on basic obedience skills. With the obedience training, the puppy does stay with us until they are 10 weeks old. They also receive their second set of shots with us. But while here, they will learn to walk on a leash, they will learn their basic commands, sit, stay and lay down and be the star of the show when they go home. They also get pretty good at potty training while they are here – although, we don’t technically work on that – they just get a lot better at it.


Aftercare Training:

We will also work on any training after your puppy leaves. If you get your puppy home and as they get older, they start to develop habits you are having a hard time breaking, you can bring your adult dog back for additional training, where we can work on poor behavior. Things like jumping, basic manners, etc. 


Our Process:

Once the puppies are born, I send out a birth announcement via email telling everyone how labor and delivery went and how many babies we have. I also give all the important dates in this email for the entire time that I have the babies. Once the babies are 2 weeks old, I post videos to our facebook page and that is when everyone picks their new puppy. I post new videos every 2 weeks going forward. Once the puppies are 6 weeks old, I send out an email to set up pick up appointments and give all important information you will need to know to bring your puppy home. And then pick up is at 8 weeks old or 10 weeks old if you do the obedience training.



If you are considering adopting from us and would like to come meet me or the parents, you are more than welcome to come do so. But please keep in mind, this is also my home, so we ask that you limit your visit to around 30 minutes or so. All visits must be by appointment only. Once the puppies are born, the puppies and mother are off limits to visitors due to the risk of outside germs. We allow visitors to the babies, once they are 8 weeks old and their first set of vaccinations can somewhat protect them from outside germs. You are still more than welcome to come and meet me and the sire during this time but the babies will stay protected. I understand  everyone wants to make sure that your puppy is coming from a good place and I respect that, that is why we post the videos, so you can watch them grow with us, while keeping them safe. 


Picking up your new Puppy

Once the puppy is old enough to leave me and go to his/her new home, there are a couple of different options available to you. You can come to our home and pick him/her up. I will meet you pretty much anywhere in Iowa, but I do ask for fuel reimbursement. If you would like me to meet you somewhere to pick up your puppy, kennel training is required (please see below) If these options are something that you can do, please bring cash as your final payment or you can also pay with a credit/debit card via PayPal now or I can send you a PayPal invoice. You do get a receipt for the total amount paid for your puppy. There is a fee associated with PayPal. The puppy can also be shipped to you (please see below)


Shipping Your Puppy

Puppies can be shipped only after they are 8 weeks old according to airline regulations. Shipping generally costs around $375. If you need your puppy shipped to you there are a couple of things that need to happen. Since I am unable to meet with you in person, I will probably ask you a lot of questions because our puppies are like my babies and I want to make sure that they are going to good homes. After your deposit is paid and once the puppy is near the 8 week old mark, I will start looking for a flight. I ship on Delta or United out of Des Moines, Iowa. I need the name of the person picking up the puppy, your address as it appears on your license (id), mailing address (if different) and a phone number. Once the reservation is created, I will email you all the important information and flight details. Once this has been emailed to you, I will send you a second paypal invoice for the remaining balance and the cost of the flight (non-refundable) This will need to be paid 72 hours before the flight. The puppy will come with a kennel that he/she is shipped in which is included in the cost of the airfare that I bill to you, so it is yours to keep. Your puppy will also have with him/her tucked in the sealed airline envelope the AKC registration, shot records and any other items that you will need.


Puppy Pricing:

Bernese Mountain Dog:

Limited Registration (Pet Only) $2200

Full Registration (Breeding/Showing) $3500


Bernedoodle Pricing is based on color:

Limited Registration (Pet Only) 

Prices are based on coloring and range from $1650 to $2500

Prices are assigned at birth

Full Registration (Breeding) $3500


All of our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract, so if your intentions are to breed or show our puppy, you must be upfront with us about that prior to pick up. We do have a preference to family owners over breeders and do reserve the right to refuse our puppies to anyone for any reason if not comfortable with the buyer. We have amazing imported bloodlines and we want to make sure that anyone getting breeding rights is someone that we approve of. 

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